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Tengo tres bebés dentro de yo. [entries|friends|calendar]

If you're lost
You can look
And you will find me
Time after time
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[Fri062306 0251p]
[ mood | clean ]

Dear Abby,

I'm right here. My cell phone got stolen in Italy.

810% ~ COTTON

[Tue122005 0746p]
[ mood | wee ]

YAY! I'm in the Philippines!

220% ~ COTTON

[Sat120305 0846p]
[ mood | my tummy ]

Winter Formal was last night.
It was fun.
But my legs ache and the BJ's pasta gave me a painful stomachache.
(Someone send me pictures.)

40% ~ COTTON

[Sun111305 1059p]
[ mood | "H8" -Lydia ]

I officially hate myself.
I wish there was no school tomorrow.

40% ~ COTTON

I'M SICK [Sun111305 0628p]
[ mood | sick! ]

I'm extremely disgusted with myself right now.

And I can't seem to stop sneezing. Ever.

30% ~ COTTON

[Mon101705 1048p]
[ mood | weee ]

Abby made friends with CHRIST today...
moo itz abby [10:45 PM]: my jesus my savior
moo itz abby [10:45 PM]: LORD THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU!


70% ~ COTTON

[Mon101705 0953p]
[ mood | cold feet and nose ]

Hmm, haven't used this in a while.
But the weather was awesome today and it hailed.
How exciting.

50% ~ COTTON

[Fri071505 1036a]
I'm bored.
60% ~ COTTON

[Thu061605 0202p]
[ mood | shaken ]


320% ~ COTTON

[Mon061305 1120p]
[ mood | hot and cold at the same time ]

There was an earthquake on Sunday, and my heart stopped.
And the I took the ACTs. I spit on standardized testing.
And then my parents left for their anniversary.
I'm almost done with The Red Tent. Yay for not procrastinating.
My spanish book was supposed to come today but it didn't. Poo.
My room is clean except for in the middle where the pile of junk and old school books are.

90% ~ COTTON

[Wed052505 0655p]
80% ~ COTTON

[Sun052205 0626p]
YAY, I got the M.I.A. cd yesterday.

[Sun042405 0930p]
I chopped off all of my hair yesterday and visited UCLA.
Leana came with us. YAY! It was fun.
20% ~ COTTON

[Tue041905 0814p]
A drunk driver killed Christine today.
80% ~ COTTON

[Thu041405 0749p]
[ mood | HATE ]

I hate everything right now and nothing is worth it anymore.
I slammed the door really hard and the mirror fell off almost killing and breaking the wall.
I covered it up with my heart Post-Its.


[Sat040905 0516p]
Go Planet!Collapse )
20% ~ COTTON

[Sun040305 0816p]
[ mood | sick ]

Damn DBQs to hell.
I just found out about it like 30 minutes ago.

I went to Cabazon and spent a lot of money.
I was sick the whole time and carried my tissue box around everywhere.
My nose is sad and my fingers are cold.
I also got my whole family sick.

The pope died.
Or as my mom called him, Popey.

I'm on tardy probation.

70% ~ COTTON

[Tue032205 0754p]
Look at what Brianna made me.

I was working at the old people place today and the lady that I follow around called me Hello Kitty because of my necklace.

Yay! I got my passport last week.
10% ~ COTTON

[Tue022205 0205a]
[ mood | cold ]

I don't want to go back to school tomorrow.
My fingers are cold.

140% ~ COTTON

[Mon013105 1027p]
[ mood | my eyes feel stingy ]

BongotheMonkey88 [10:05 PM]:  huh

BongotheMonkey88 [10:05 PM]:  what

BongotheMonkey88 [10:06 PM]:  right

BongotheMonkey88 [10:06 PM]:  uhhhhhhh

corpsette xo [10:09 PM]:  you're on drugs

BongotheMonkey88 [10:09 PM]:  huh

BongotheMonkey88 [10:09 PM]:  what 

BongotheMonkey88 [10:09 PM]:  RIGHT!!!

BongotheMonkey88 [10:09 PM]:  uhhh...

BongotheMonkey88 [10:09 PM]:  hujdkshnfjkzs

BongotheMonkey88 [10:09 PM]:  ahaha

corpsette xo [10:12 PM]:  dude, seriously

BongotheMonkey88 [10:14 PM]:  ha imagine how i would be if i was on drugs

corpsette xo [10:14 PM]:  holy shit

BongotheMonkey88 [10:14 PM]:  HAHA

i miss brianna now.
thanks a lot.

20% ~ COTTON

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